Episode 127 - People vs Government vs Coronavirus

May 18, 2020

What's up fans, flans, and dessert lovers everywhere! It's been a while, thanks to all of the COVID quarantine stuff, but we're back and we have several weeks of content lined up. So I hope you are prepared for more Topicocalypse!

On this episode, we are joined by Bryan Wegener of the Super BS Gamescast, and we're talking about life in the era of the Coronavirus. How has it affected us? What are some of lasting effects we could see? Is the government taking advantage of the situation? Can you trust the news? All of this and more on this exciting episode of Topicocalypse . . . the internet's only podcast.

Special shoutout to Magic Mike's Pizza, 4 Sons Brewery and Modern Times. Support your local businesses! 

We hope you enjoy!